• Observing Yourself

    Observing yourself without judgment and how mindfulness and introspection can reveal and help shift deeply ingrained patterns.

  • Bedtime Lessons from a Five Year Old

    Discover the joy of waking up singing by following bedtime routines inspired by a five-year-old's nightly rituals and morning cheer.

  • Nutrition Basics

    Navigating nutrition can be challenging. Learn the basics of balanced diets, and tools that can guide you towards a personalized, sustainable nutrition plan.

  • What is the best exercise to do?

    The best exercise is the one you will do! Stay consistent, and prioritize activities that bring you joy—no gym or fancy equipment needed.

  • Alignment over Effort

    Direct your effort in the right direction and form habits leading to where you want to go.

  • Understanding Fats: Making Informed Dietary Choices

    Using fats for better health? Yes! Fats can be one of your tools for better health and well-being.

  • Living Well Through Small Steps

    The term "Living Well" carries so much weight that it can feel impossible to attain.

  • Nature Based Stress Management

    Invite Nature into moments of your day to break cycles of stress.

  • The Power of Micronutrients

    The spotlight often shines on macronutrients, however, micronutrients are equally crucial for overall health and well-being

  • Creating a Mantra

    Spend a few days “living” with this mantra. “What should my mantra be?”

  • Exploring the Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition

    Incorporating plant-based foods into your diet nourishes your body and protects the planet.

  • Making Positive Changes When You’re Time-Poor

    Take a breath, and take your time. You’ve got this!

  • Eating When You’re Not Hungry

    It only becomes a problem when this habit interferes with your health or goals.

  • SMART(Y) Goals

    The “Why” is important!

  • Is It Okay To Eat This?

    Our health coaches are often asked, “Do I need to eat breakfast?”

  • Self Sabotage and Weight Loss

    Self-sabotage is a real thing!

  • About Intuitive Eating

    Modern lifestyles can disconnect us from our bodies.