• Creating a Mantra

    Spend a few days “living” with this mantra. “What should my mantra be?”

  • Exploring the Benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition

    Incorporating plant-based foods into your diet nourishes your body and protects the planet.

  • What is a Trigger?

    Triggers are things that pull you out of the present moment.

  • Making Positive Changes When You’re Time-Poor

    Take a breath, and take your time. You’ve got this!

  • Eating When You’re Not Hungry

    It only becomes a problem when this habit interferes with your health or goals.

  • SMART(Y) Goals

    The “Why” is important!

  • Is It Okay To Eat This?

    Our health coaches are often asked, “Do I need to eat breakfast?”

  • Self Sabotage and Weight Loss

    Self-sabotage is a real thing!

  • About Intuitive Eating

    Modern lifestyles can disconnect us from our bodies.