Is It Okay To Eat This?

Coach Becs
People often ask our health coaches, “Do I need to eat breakfast?”  “Is it okay to eat at night?” “Is it okay to eat carbs?” or “Is it okay not to eat carbs?”

Some folks practice intermittent fasting, others snack all day, others stick to 3 meals and no snacks… and some people feel very strongly that their way is the right way!

So which way is best?

The answer is to ask yourself, “What is right for me?

What is right for you?

Schedules, resources, circumstances, and personal preferences all impact what foods are accessible, support your health, and feel enjoyable to eat for the long term.

Some days cooking from scratch makes sense, while on others a job or busy schedule means fast-food is the best available choice. Some people have time to chop vegetables, others rely on buying pre-packaged options. It’s all about finding a balance and routine that aligns with your goals, and being flexible on those days that don’t go according to plan.

(And if you have a medical condition, your healthcare provider or a nutritionist may offer helpful suggestions about what types of food choices can best support your well-being.)

This does not have to be tedious! Learning, exploring, and experimenting, can make figuring out what foods work best for you fun! Try a new food each week, budget for a treat every so often, and most importantly see what makes your body FEEL GOOD!

Another important thing to consider is how to incorporate foods from your culture and region into your routine. Nothing needs to be off limits (unless you have a medical condition that requires specific food choices). It’s about finding ways to enjoy these foods that align with your health and your goals.

Some people like to have breakfast right when they wake up, others want to eat it mid-morning. Low carb choices work for some people and not others. I like a hearty snack of peanut butter and toast or oatmeal right before bed and my husband prefers just chamomile tea. All of this is okay.

YOU are the expert on you, and the best food choices are the ones that fuel your body well and feel right to you!

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