Creating a Mantra

Coach Betsy
A mantra, a phrase or series of words that is deeply meaningful to you, can be a valuable tool in your wellness toolbox.

In moments of stress, a mantra can de-escalate.
In moments of indecision, a mantra can clarify.
In moments of challenge, a mantra can motivate.
In moments of progress, a mantra can empower.

If you’re thinking, “Sign me up,” keep reading to learn more about how to create your own mantra!

A mantra often begins with your values. Take some time to reflect on what matters to you. Write down all the words that come to mind.

Consider your goals. What are you working toward? How do your values influence these goals? Write this down, too!

Notice what you’ve written. Highlight words or phrases that really resonate. Think about how they connect. Experiment with combining them into a powerful, positive message for yourself.

Congratulations! You’ve created version 1.0 of your personal mantra.

Spend a few days “living” with this mantra. Keep it close at all times, whether that’s on your phone wallpaper, in your car, on your bathroom mirror, or all of the above. Use it often, and adjust as needed, creating versions 2.0 and beyond, until it “fits.”

As you engage in this exercise, keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong answer to the question, “What should my mantra be?” Yours may come to you quickly or develop over an extended period of time, with multiple changes and revisions.

And no matter how your mantra develops, what matters most is that it speaks to YOU.

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