About My Human coach

Our Unique Approach

We match you with an experienced, professional health & wellness coach. Our training allows us to bring knowledge, skill, and human connection to support and guide you through the process of making lasting, positive change.

Your interaction will be 100% human. We’re parents, partners, coworkers, and community members with our own challenges and health goals. We understand the heart and soul of why people want to be healthier, feel great, do good, and live their best life!

Our Vision

At My Human Coach we want to make better health accessible to as many people as possible by offering personalized, 1:1 coaching along with free resources.

We will never upsell products, engage in concealed partnerships, or promote medications. We do not require subscriptions, and our aim is to do what is best for each client by removing for-profit influences from health & wellness coaching.

Healthy individuals are the foundation of resilient families, communities, and democracies. At My Human Coach, we champion the belief that enhancing individual health is pivotal to elevating societal well-being and the health of our planet.

We are dedicated to empowering our clients through personalized health & wellness coaching, and embracing the invaluable qualities of human empathy, insight, and experience.

We believe better health is possible for everyone, envisioning a world where improved health is within reach for all who choose to pursue it. We recognize the diverse influences on health and well-being, encompassing cultural, environmental, and socio-economic factors alongside personal choices.

Striving to make 1:1 health & wellness coaching accessible and affordable, while acknowledging the profit-driven nature of many health resources, we pledge to provide free, impartial health information to all in need. We are steadfast in our commitment to never engage in upselling, concealed partnerships with retailers, or merchandise promotion. Our social media platforms share personal wisdom, verified health information, and wholehearted viewpoints. The only product we sell is 1:1 human health & wellness coaching.

Our coaches are skilled professionals, embodying a compassionate, non-judgmental approach. We firmly believe that regardless of an individual’s health status or circumstances, they possess the capacity to create positive, lasting changes in their health and their lives.

Who is My Human Coach

We are a group of experienced health & wellness coaches who met while working at a large company. We love health coaching, and wanted to work directly with our clients without any influence from corporate interests.

As an employee-owned cooperative, every coach at My Human Coach gets to make the decisions about what benefits their client. Instead of having to fit within a large, pre-set model we tailor guidance to the needs of each individual. And we get to be 100% human! We never use bots, AI, or outsourcing because, as a mission-focused company, we get to focus on empathy instead of efficiency.

We have different backgrounds (like nutrition, physical therapy, and mental-health counseling) so sharing our expertise with each other helps us provide the best guidance and resources to our clients. We work collaboratively, sharing resources, learning from each other, and creating free articles and self-paced courses, because our shared mission is to make better health accessible to as many people as possible.

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