Self Sabotage and Weight Loss

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Self-sabotage is a real thing!

But it may not be what you think. A mental block that makes you choose behaviors that sabotage your goals can look like a lack of willpower or commitment, but it’s usually your brain trying to protect you.

Extra weight can be a source of comfort, like a security blanket. This means losing weight can include some feelings of vulnerability.

This isn’t uncommon – adjusting to change, even positive change, is hard! If you’re trying to lose weight and you feel self-sabotage is an issue, take some time to consider what might be different at your goal weight. What are you anticipating will be some of the challenges? What are the benefits?


Some people who have experienced trauma find that extra weight gives them a feeling of safety. In these cases, feelings of vulnerability around weight loss might escalate to include panic and fear.  Overeating and binge eating can happen in moments when you are overwhelmed. This is not about failure. It’s your brain wanting you to feel protected and safe! If you feel this might be your situation, a mental health professional can help you to understand better the sources of those intense feelings and how to manage them so that unwanted behaviors do not impact your goals.


Thinking ahead can help make this transition and the feelings of vulnerability easier to manage.

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