What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Our coaches are skilled and collaborative partners that focus on the present, empowering you to craft a positive, healthier future.

Coaching IS

  • A dynamic partnership.
  • A process of self-discovery and personal accountability, where you take charge of making the changes you desire.
  • A supportive environment where you receive unconditional positive regard, and experience growth without judgment, criticism, or pressure.
  • A source of affirmation and empowerment.
  • A clarifying process that helps you define and navigate your goals and aspirations.
  • A collaboration with someone who believes in your inherent capabilities.
  • A space for honesty, vulnerability, and personal growth.

Coaching ISN’T

  • Pollyanna or toxic positive thinking; it’s a balanced and realistic approach.
  • About dwelling on the past or figuring out why something happened; it’s focused on the next steps and why they matter to you now.
  • A substitute for therapy or counseling; while coaching may address emotional aspects, it doesn’t replace specialized mental health support.
  • Prescriptive advice or medical diagnoses; your coach will help to empower you to find your own solutions.
  • A quick fix; instead, it’s a commitment to making sustainable changes over time through consistent effort and dedication.

The transformative power of working with a health & wellness coach can help to illuminate your path to a positive and healthy future.

Here is some feedback from clients about the power of asynchronous, text-based health & wellness coaching

I couldn’t be making this much progress this quickly without a good coach!

Knowing you are watching helps keep me accountable. Having said that, I’m prepared for a “slide” at some point so keep watching me and give me a nudge when you see my performance faltering… thanks again!

My whole life I’ve equated health with skinny and I’m coming to realize that just isn’t true

I think that my vision for my health and wellness in the new year is changing by altering my idea of what “healthy” looks like. it really just energized me and made me feel so good just being outside and moving my body in a way that brings me joy.

Thanks for the kind words!

Your checking in periodically is really helpful, and apparently gives me a space to vent. :-) I really like your take on some of my comments, I wasn’t seeing some of the positive aspects that you pointed out until you pointed them out.

I definitely feel like I have made tons of progress and am shame free.

It was very helpful to have someone to check in with and to help me work through a couple of those stuck points that I had.

Just what you've been doing really is working great for me!

I think helping me feel accountable and checking in on the workouts I’ve done each week could help me massively.

I appreciate you so much!!

Thank you for understanding. I love your idea of taking 5 minutes each day to sit with a cup of tea. A mental health break is needed. And building that routine can help me build routine into other areas eventually.

Thanks for the great help, encouragement and motivation throughout this process.

The weight I’m at currently, I haven’t seen in many years, not to mention how great I feel! Thank you !! Also, thank YOU for being an amazing coach and sticking with me! I have learned lots and feel the changes are pretty habitual now.

I am certainly grateful for the patience and affirmation you’ve gifted me during this past year.

Your support helped me gain clarity regarding how I want to move forward with authentically embracing my body and health.

I am more thankful and appreciative that you have been supportive and made me feel like I'm in a no judgment environment, which is critical to my success.

I welcome the tough conversations that might be needed from time to time…. It helps me to be conscious of where I am and where I desire to be with my weight loss. Thank you for that and I look forward to the coming weeks ahead.