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Some Helpful links for you while you are being paired with a coach.

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Now What!

  • A Welcome Email

    A welcome email will be coming to you soon which will have similar details to this.

  • You will be assigned a coach.

    Within the next business day we will assign you a coach. We make great efforts to balance the client list of our coaches so you will have their full attention.

  • End your membership whenever you feel you are done.

    Your membership is billed monthly, and you can end your subscription whenever you want each month. The sessions are set up for a full month, so we can’t give partial repayments. Please get in touch with customer care at with any questions or concerns you have.

  • Your coach will reach out to you with an invitation to Quenza.

    Quenza is our private messaging app, and your coach will give you a personal login to set up your account.

  • We appreciate your trust in us and will work hard to ensure you have the best experience.

    Your coach is a highly trained and dedicated individual. My Human Coach selected them for this important role because of their compassion and strong work ethic. You are about to be connected to someone who is passionate about your success.