Business to Business Coaching

Give your employees something different – connect them with a human coach who cares about them and will tailor a program to each employee’s individual needs instead of trying to fit them into a pre-made program.

Individual behaviors can improve health, but there are many challenges that can impact a person’s effort to become healthier. Social isolation and lack of connection can lead to poorer health, and the onus is often placed on individuals to make healthy choices in systems that are not designed to support them.

Trained as experts in behavior change, our coaches support clients in making behavioral mindset shifts that are the root of positive, sustainable change. We empower a culture of health in the workplace by helping individuals identify their strengths and gain a better understanding of what good health means to them. You provide each of your employees with a professional clinician they can trust, showing you care about their health & well-being.

Benefits of Text-Based Coaching for your Business

For $60 a month, we will match each employee with a dedicated 1:1 personal (human!) health & wellness coach. Our coaches have worked successfully with thousands of clients using an asynchronous, text-based format that doesn’t require a lengthy appointment.

Your employees can work with their coach at whatever pace feels right to them and in whatever area of health & wellness they choose to prioritize. Our professional coaches provide empathy, compassion, and skilled guidance to help each client achieve their goals.