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Day 5 – Adjust Your Lifestyle


You may not be able to maintain your usual schedule of commitments and activities. A good rule is that some of your energy that you spent elsewhere before you started caregiving needs to be redirected towards your own well-being. This includes attending to your mental and physical health as you work hard to support another’s.

It’s not always possible but if you can do things like reduce work hours, adjust travel or social plans, or get some respite assistance, it may be helpful.

As much as possible, revise your lifestyle to allow for flexibility. Days off work or school, travel to doctor and therapist appointments, and time to rest, will all be more challenging if you are trying to ‘fit them in’ to a normal, established routine instead of accepting that your situation has changed.

If your circumstances change on a day-to-day basis you may not always be able to plan ahead, and will sometimes need to make last minute changes to your schedule. Having a “Plan B” and “Plan C” in place for when this happens can help you feel more in control.