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Day 1 – Pause for a Moment


Caregiving presents many challenges. One of the most important aspects of caring for someone else is being able to take care of yourself and maintain your own well-being while supporting others. “Self-care” can be a loaded word that brings up images of yoga classes or massages – helpful but not always accessible when you have someone who needs to be taken care of. At My Human Coach we like to think of self-care as “self-maintenance.” It’s like taking care of a car; if you change the oil regularly and get a tune up, it’s more likely to run efficiently for the long-haul. Self-maintenance can be things like eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and managing stress all help to keep your body and mind running smoothly. The challenge is that caregiving can often make these things more challenging. The rest of this week we’re going to talk about areas that can be helpful to focus on when caregiving. Today, take a minute to simply honor the work you are doing. Recognize that you often have to divert a lot of your energy away from your own well-being toward supporting another’s. To begin creating a balance in your caregiving routine, take a moment and do one really nice thing for yourself today!